Our Story


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PLOPHERZ (owned by the fun loving sisters, Florence & Jennifer) constitutes a collection that is a must in every wardrobe; a collection comprising indispensable and at the same time trendy items, each of which form an attractive foundation for every wardrobe . And manufactured it with love right here in Indonesia.

Together, we’re designing the stuff we actually want… those pieces that we always talked about as “if onlys” 



We are the way we are for a reason: so that you can buy higher quality things at lower prices, without losing any of the good stuff-that’s why there’s no one in the middle, making it complicated and expensive.

We’ll say it: we want to be close to you. Direct to you. This way we know what you like, what you want, what you need more of, and what you just want to hang out and talk about. So, basically: everything you ever wanted, in the most affordable way possible.

We’re just a couple of sisters trying to make the kind of brand we wanted to shop from; we hope you’ll love wearing your PLOPHERZ as much as we’ve loved creating it !



Florence & Jennifer

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