A letter from us : we’re going online


Not a long ago , we have to close all our offline stores because of this pandemic covid-19 outbreak . Companies like us may have concerns for going online, as we have established and trusted more offline channels. We ask a lot , we think a lot and we choose not to give up.

Measure, Improve and Grow is our motto to create basic wear yet still bring sweet feeling to ones who wear it. This collection is our new line. It gives you cozy and casual trend which you can wear them at home during this period of social distancing.

We would like to offer you new shopping experience with our new service. We’ll make it easy and give you special offer during the launching week.

Above all, a successful online business needs to be acknowledged by the customers. So, please accept our newest online platform that we bring to you. We will unlock more platforms for you soon.



phonto 2

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